Eagle Bath 36" WS-9090K Steam Shower Enclosure Unit

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The 36 Eagle Bath WS-9090K Steam Shower Enclosure Unit provides a futuristic aesthetic while delivering where it really counts in terms of functionality and premium features. This unit is completely sealed from the outside world via a thick 6mm tempered glass enclosure with a beautiful blue tint, and the steam generator is able to fill the space quickly with luxurious steam. A handheld shower head with a flexible hose is built in to the interior, and the ceiling sports a stainless steel rainfall shower head that perfectly recreates the feeling of standing in the rain. Since this unit requires a dedicated 110V source that must be hardwired into the structure, professional installation by a licensed plumber or electrician is required. Very few other modern shower units have the amazing features of this premium module from Eagle Bath.

Features and Accessories included with the 36 Eagle Bath WS-9090K Steam Shower Enclosure Unit:

  • Luxurious Steam Shower Unit
  • 6-Jet Acupuncture Massage Setting
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Timer Mode
  • Circulation Fan
  • Self-Draining Steam Generator Heats Quickly
  • Steam Aromatherapy Cup
  • Multicolor LED Chromotherapy System
  • Storage Shelves
  • Dual Folding Seats
  • Handheld Shower Head
  • Reversible Door
  • 12-inch Amazon Rainfall Ceiling Shower
  • Tempered Blue Glass Door
  • Requires 110V Outlet w/ GFCI Breaker
  • Overheat Protection Feature
  • No-Water Protection Feature
  • Steam Generator Requires 30A/3KW
  • 3-foot Flexible Drain Hose
  • 0.5-inch Valve Pipes
  • Dimensions: 36.2 inches wide x 36.2 inches deep x 85.6 inches tall
  • Must Be Installed By Licensed Electrician or Licensed Plumber
  • Includes 2-Year Parts Warranty