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​Is An Infrared Sauna the One for You?

Posted by Josh B. on

The traditional sauna experience is truly special. However, installing a traditional sauna, complete with wood burning stove and hot stones, may not be ideal for some people. The fact that a traditional sauna tends to need a lot of room and requires permanent installation often makes it an impossible option, especially for those renting or who just don't have a lot of room. 

An infrared sauna is a perfect alternative to the traditional style.

What Makes an Infrared Sauna Different from the More Traditional Style?

In a traditional sauna, the heat come from a wood stove or electric heater. An infrared sauna is a bit different. The sauna uses special panels to send infrared waves into the cells of the body. These waves help elevate the core body temperature, creating the heat from the inside out.

A traditional sauna needs a substantial footprint. It requires space for the stove or heater, plus seating for its occupants. Infrared saunas have a smaller footprint because the panels hang on the wall instead of taking up valuable floor space.

Traditional saunas require fixed connections to the house. If a wood-burning stove is being used, it needs a flue vented to an outside wall to vent gases safely. If an electric heater is being used, it needs a permanent electrical connection. An infrared sauna doesn't require such permanent connections. It plugs right into a standard household outlet. The sauna structure itself can be dismantled and moved as needed, making it perfect for renters.

Traditional saunas produce a lot of humidity requiring ventilation. The humidity makes it unsuitable for most areas of the home. An infrared sauna doesn't have this side effect, making it suitable for almost any space in the house.

Are Infrared Waves Safe?

Infrared wavelengths are a part of the radiation spectrum that includes visible light, microwaves, gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet light. The effects of radiation depend on where the particular wavelength lies on the spectrum. For example, visible light (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) is generally harmless, while gamma rays can damage or destroy DNA.

Infrared wavelengths are just outside the visible light spectrum for humans. Its radiation tends to excite electrons but does no damage at the cellular level. The excited electrons express themselves as heat, which warms the body from the inside out.

Whatever your sauna needs or desires are, Deluxe Saunas is here to help you find the perfect one.