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​Full Accessibility

Posted by Josh B. on

Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy life in an away that they can, but there are a number of places and products that seem to neglect those who might not have the means to use them due to some disability or other disadvantage. People in those situations are already accustomed to the world forgetting about them, but that doesn't have to be the case. Just because someone uses a wheelchair doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to relax in the luxury of their own in-home sauna, and we at have the perfect solution for this issue.

You might not realize it if you have never experienced any physical disability, but if you need a wheelchair to get around, every little bump can be a hassle. Many in-home saunas would be impossible to access with a wheelchair simply because they are slightly elevated from the ground. Not only that, but many saunas are simply not large enough to support a wheelchair, or they have built-in benches that can't be removed to make more space. They also feature control panels that are designed for use by someone standing, so they are too high to comfortably use in a wheelchair.

One of the most prominent lines of in-home saunas on the market is the Clearlight Sanctuary series. This series includes some of the most notable features in the entire in-home sauna market, like premium wooden construction, tempered glass, and digital controls. For those who need a wheelchair to get around, the CLEARLIGHT SANCTUARY RETREAT 4 PERSON ADA-COMPLIANT FULL SPECTRUM INFRARED SAUNA comes with every detail that would be requested by someone in such a situation. The sauna includes all the best features of the Clearlight Sanctuary series, but it has been optimized for use with a wheelchair.

First, this sauna comes with an external wooden ramp in the same style as the sauna itself, so it blends in seamlessly. The ramp is ADA-complaint in terms of slope and stability, so you won't have any issue using it. Inside the sauna, the dual benches can be removed for optimal space, and the control panels are lowered to waist height so anyone in a wheelchair can access them with ease. The sauna can also be controlled by a dedicated smartphone app for the Android and iOS devices, so wheelchair users can alter the controls without having to move an inch inside the spacious unit.