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​Club-Grade Quality

Posted by Josh B. on

Anyone who enjoys the use of a premium sauna understands that quality isn't something that should be skimped. It's fairly easy to find the best saunas in clubs and gyms if you are willing to pay an exorbitant membership fee, but there is a much better way to enjoy the comfort of a sauna. In-home saunas bring the experience of a sauna to your living space, but those with the most discerning taste will want an experience that is as close to the premium club sauna experience as possible. For those people, smaller in-home saunas simply won't make the cut.

In-home saunas come in a range of sizes and finishes, and that includes some saunas that are made for only one or two occupants. However, that isn't sufficient for those who want to host or share their sauna experience with others. Entering a sauna together can be a bonding experience for any two people, but you can get just as much enjoyment from a larger sauna that allows for more occupants. This is really the only way to get a club-grade sauna experience in your home, but in this case, you own the club.

Here at, we have a wide selection of saunas, and one of our most exclusive products is the Clearlight Premier IS-5 Five Person Cedar Far Infrared Sauna. This sauna holds up to five occupants at once comfortably, and it has two adjustable backrests on the bench. The wood detailing in this sauna is exceptionally gorgeous since it uses Italian styling, but the unit is also easy to assemble since it uses classic tongue-and-groove architecture. The wood itself is beautiful Canadian Red Cedar, and the glass portions of the sauna are made from dense tempered glass for maximum insulation. This is further supported by the dual-wall design of the unit.

The sauna has a few other notable amenities as well. It supports various music sources, like MP3, AUX, and Bluetooth. You can store your tablet in the included caddy, and you can take advantage of the chromotherapy lighting system for an even greater therapeutic effect. Controlling the unit is as simple as accessing the digital control panels, and you can create reservations so the unit is prepared when you arrive on schedule. Heating is always even in this sauna since it uses powerful carbon ceramic panels that are both energy efficient and safe thanks to their low EMF emissions.