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​Balancing Size and Comfort

Posted by Josh B. on

One of the most difficult aspects of deciding on a new addition to your home is attempting to find a middle ground between the size of the addition and the level of comfort that you expect from it. For instance, if you've decided to expand your existing master bathroom, you'll have to decide exactly how much expansion you want, and you'll have to decide what sort of luxuries you would like included. In some cases, the amount of expansion you can perform will limit what you can include, so you'll have to make a decision about the most valuable inclusions for you.

Here at, we take pride in our selection of impressive saunas, steam showers, tubs, and faucets. We have selections for just about every need imaginable, so you won't have to worry about finding that perfect sauna for your specific space and size restrictions. For those who want to add a premium sauna to their home, these issues can be quite important. You wouldn't want to buy a sauna that's too large for your space, but you also wouldn't want to limit the size of your new sauna more than it needs to be limited.

One of the standout products in our inventory that falls in the middle ground between size and comfort is the Clearlight Sanctuary 3 Full Spectrum 3 Person Infrared Cedar Sauna. This sauna features all the luxuries of the Clearlight Sanctuary line of saunas, and it can fit up to three people comfortably. This sauna falls in the middle ground for the Clearlight Sanctuary line since there are also 2-person and 4-person saunas available in that lineup. It offers an exceptional amount of free space, but it doesn't take up so much room that it becomes a problem.

The saunas in the Clearlight Sanctuary series all use the same infrared full spectrum heating panels to produce even, energy efficient heating. They feature crystal-clear glass doors that have been tempered with extreme heat so they work well as insulators for the unit without sacrificing visibility. Since the controls are fully digital, you can actually issue commands for the unit from your Android smartphone via the dedicated app. The exquisite Italian craftsmanship will make this unit the centerpiece of any space to which it is added, and it is made from some of the most beautiful Canadian Red Cedar you have every laid your eyes upon.